Used Bags

Used Bags(30kg/sack, 80kg/sack), Price is 80-85USD per sack.

Including 1. Lady Handbag/Wallet 2. Man bag 3. School bag 4. Backpack 5. Sling bag 6. Computer Bag 7. Travel Bag 8. Small Bag

1. Pack bag in 80kg by machine or make bag in 30kg by hand in transparent bag.
2. We collect good raw material at a higher price compared with other factory. Thus our bag are very bright.
3. Each work will check zipper, bag corner and inside of bag to confirm it has nice zipper, no scaling or dyeing and there are no any heavy things inside of bag.
4. Wiping bag one by one very carefully. Separate them in ladies hand bag, men bag, computer bag, sling bag, school bag and computer bag.
5.Very small bag, old fashion bag and skin damaged or will be thrown away.

6.MOQ is 20FC


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